Criterion Chapter of Installed First Principals 6220

The Chapter Today

By its nature membership of the Criterion Chapter is confined to those who, having achieved a certain rank, appreciate the values of the Holy Royal Arch and who want to share those values with others.  The Chapter operates, with the blessing of The Grand Superintendent and the Provincial authority and alongside the Royal Arch Councils, to stimulate interest  in, and promote a better understanding of, Chapter masonry, and to encourage membership of the Order.

To further its aims, the Chapter primarily provides a platform enabling experienced and distinguished speakers to deliver lectures, talks, or presentations on topics likely to educate, instruct and to stimulate the curiosity...

Convocations are open to all R A Masons  regardless of rank and visiting Companions are both encouraged and made welcome. No invitation is needed though  meals must be booked in advance. As in all Chapters, the after proceedings are an important part of the evening and over the years Criterion has developed its own character of friendliness and hospitality, the result being a stimulating and rewarding experience for all.

In addition to Its Installation and two regular convocations, fraternal visits by the Chapter are arranged each year, one to its sponsor, the Criterion Lodge, and another to a Chapter chosen by the First Principal. Criterion enjoys a very harmonious and fruitful relationship with its counterpart in the Province of Cumberland and Westmorland with whom visits are exchanged a couple of times a year also – good companionship  and very convivial!

The first Sunday in October sees the only social event on the calendar, lunch for members and  their guests, hosted by the First Principal of the year and his lady.

The Chapter meets at 6.30 in the delightful setting of Hoyle Court in the evenings of the third Tuesdays of October (Installation – 5.30 start), April and June and attendances of between 60 and 90 (sometimes even more) are not uncommon, coming from all parts of the Province and from further afield.


The Principals, Officers and Members of the Criterion Chapter of Installed Frist Principals welcome this opportunity to provide an insight into the character and workings of the Chapter and equally will  welcome to its  meetings any Royal Arch Mason whatever his rank..