Criterion Chapter of Installed First Principals 6220


Although all are members of other Chapters and Craft Lodges, each with their own Almoner, the members of the Criterion Chapter take a keen interest in the health and welfare of their Companions.

Responsibility for satisfying this interest lies with the Chapter Almoner who is aided by three assistants to cover the whole of the Chapter’s wide catchment area.

Contact details for the Almoner and his assistants are included in all Chapter summonses. Alternatively they may be contacted via Scribe E, whose contact details are given on this site. They strongly request that they be informed of any member who is, or may be, in distress or poor health.

Where appropriate, news, particularly of illness and infirmity, will be usually be passed on in open Chapter, but at all times strictly observing the sensitivities and wishes of those who come first and foremost, namely the Companion in question and his family.



Province maintains a confidential  “Helpline” of course, the number of which is 0344 902 0220