Criterion Chapter of Installed First Principals 6220





Freemasonry in England was closed down in March for four months in order to protect our members, their families and the wider community. We have not been meeting or practising but supporting each other by telephone and social media. It has now been decided that lodges and chapters can meet again, provided they comply strictly with government guidelines. However, our meeting place is in an area where the Government has had to impose further restrictions, so we are unable to consider meeting until those restrictions are withdrawn.


21 Feb 2020

Visit to Cumberland and Westmorland Installed Principals Chapter at Kirkby Stephen -- contact our Scribe E for details.

21 April 2020

Regular Convocation

Speaker -- E Comp Peter Mason  DGSupt (Cumberland and Westmorland)

“We’ve always done it that way”. Oh yes?


16 June 2020

Regular Convocation

Speaker -- E Comp. Dr Richard Berman -- Prestonian Lecturer (2016), Academic and internationally renowned Researcher, Author and Speaker.

“The Antients, the Irish and the Royal Arch” -- examines the influence of Irish Freemasonry on Chapter Masonry as we know it.

20 October 2020

Installation Convocation


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  • Times change, and plans with them. The accuracy of the information given on this page is not guaranteed and its contents do not obviate the need to rely on notices and publicity emanating from Scribe E nearer the date of the event.
  • Cumberland & Westmorland Principals' Chapter will meet in February, June and August times and places of meetings to be confirmed.